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Creating Dynamic Functions


  if ($_GET['go'] == "yes"){
    if ($_GET['loggedin'] == "true"){
      function dosomething (){
        $_GET['loggedin'] = false;
        echo "You have been successfully logged out.<br />";
    if ($_GET['loggedin'] == "false"){
      function dosomething (){
        $_GET['loggedin'] = true;
        echo "You have been successfully logged in.<br />";
  if ($_GET['loggedin']){
    ?><a href="index.php?go=yes&amp;loggedin=true">click here to log out</a><?php
  } elseif (!$_GET['loggedin']){
    ?><a href="index.php?go=yes&amp;loggedin=false">click here to log in</a><?php

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