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Functions that return true or false

function can_pay_cash($cash_on_hand, $amount) {
    if ($amount > $cash_on_hand) {
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;
function myFunction($meal, $tax, $tip) {
    $tax_amount  = $meal * ($tax / 100);
    $tip_amount  = $meal * ($tip / 100);
    $total_notip = $meal + $tax_amount;
    $total_tip   = $meal + $tax_amount + $tip_amount;

    return array($total_notip, $total_tip);

$total = myFunction(15.22,8.25,15);
if (can_pay_cash(20, $total)) {
    print "I can pay in cash.";
} else {
    print "Time for the credit card.";

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