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Mime types

application/msexcel                            Microsoft Excel data file
application/msword                             Microsoft Word data file
application/octet-stream                       Generic binary file
application/pdf                                Adobe PDF
application/x-shockwave-flash                  Macromedia Flash
application/zip                                Zip file
audio/mp3                                      MP3
audio/wav                                      Wave sound file
audio/x-ogg                                    Ogg file
font/ttf                                       TrueType Font
image/bmp                                      MS Windows .bmp image
image/gif                                      GIF image
image/jpeg                                     JPEG image
image/png                                      PNG image
image/tiff                                     TIFF image
image/svg+xml                                  Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG)
text/html                                      HTML file
text/plain                                     Plain text
text/rtf                                       Rich-Text File
text/tab-separated-values                      Tab-Separated Values (TSV)
text/xml                                       XML
video/mpeg                                     MPEG video
video/quicktime                                Quicktime video

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