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Comparison Operators

example         name                               result
$a == $b        Equal                              True if $a is equal to $b.
$a === $b       Identical                          True if $a is equal to $b, and they are of the same type. (PHP4 only)
$a != $b        Not equal                          True if $a is not equal to $b.
$a < $b         Less than                          True if $a is strictly less than $b.
$a > $b         Greater than                       True if $a is strictly greater than $b.
$a <= $b        Less than or equal to              True if $a is less than or equal to $b.
$a >= $b        Greater than or equal to           True if $a is greater than or equal to $b.

  $a = ("PHP"=="PHP")? "true":"false";
  $b = ("PHP"=="PERL")?"true":"false";

  $c = (1.785==1.785)? "true":"false";
  $d = (5 != 5)?"true":"false";

  $e = (true == true)?"true":"false";
  $f = (false != false)?"true":"false";

  $g = (100<200)?"true":"false";
  $h = (100<100)?"true":"false";

  $i = (100<=100)?"true":"false";
  $j = ( -1 > 1 )?"true":"false";

  $result =  "TEST STRINGS \$a:$a  \$b:$b<br>";
  $result .= "TEST NUMBERS \$c:$c \$d:$d<br>";
  $result .= "TEST BOOLEANS \$e:$e \$f:$f<br>";
  $result .= "TEST LESS THAN \$g:$g \$h:$h<br>";
  $result .= "TEST LESS THAN OR EQUAL \$i:$i<br>";  
  $result .= "TEST GREATER THAN \$j:$j";


  <title>Comparison Operators</title>

  <?php echo( $result ); ?>


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