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Using template file

<h2>By {byline}</h2>


<h4>Page generated: {date}</h4>

$page = file_get_contents('article.html');
if ($page === false) {

    die("Can't read article.html: $php_errormsg");
$vars = array('{title}' => 'A',
              '{headline}' => 'B',
              '{byline}' => 'C',
              '{article}' => "<p>D</p>",
              '{date}' => date('l, F j, Y'));

foreach ($vars as $field => $new_value) {
    $page = str_replace($field, $new_value, $page);

$result = file_put_contents('dog-article.html', $page);
if (($result === false) || ($result == -1)) {

    die("Couldn't write dog-article.html: $php_errormsg");

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