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Key action: Function Key, ALt, Control, Shift

Key action: Function Key, ALt, Control, Shift
from Tkinter import *

def displayHelp(event):
    print 'hlp', event.keysym
def sayKey(event):
    print 'say',event.keysym, event.char
def printWindow(event):
    print 'prt', event.keysym
def cursor(*args):
    print 'cursor'

def unbindThem(*args):
    print 'Gone...'
    root.unbind_class('Entry', '<KeyPress>')

root = Tk()

frame = Frame(root, takefocus=1, highlightthickness=2)
text  = Entry(frame, width=10, takefocus=1, highlightthickness=2)

root.bind_all('<F1>', displayHelp)
text.bind_class('Entry', '<KeyPress>', lambda e: sayKey(e))
root.bind('<Alt_L>', printWindow)
frame.bind('<Control-Shift-Down>' , cursor)
text.bind('<Control-Shift-Up>', unbindThem)


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