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1.Indent Python code, giving block-closing comments
2.Load a pickle generated by to a database
3.Assorted Tk-related subroutines used in Grail
4.Statement Coverage
5.Generate binary message catalog from textual translation description
6.Minimally patched to make it even more xgettext compatible
7.Check that all '.pyc' files exist and are up-to-date
8.Search Python (.py) files for future statements, and remove the features from such statements
9.A helper for analyzing PYTHONDUMPREFS output

10.Dump a database file to a pickle
11.Create Emacs TAGS file for Python modules
12.Massive identifier substitution on C source files
13.Fix the copyright notice in source files
14.Fix Python script(s) to reference the interpreter via /usr/bin/env python.
15.Add some standard cpp magic to a header file
16.Create Python codecs from Unicode mapping files
17.Transform gprof(1) output into useful HTML.
18.Translate #define's into Python assignments
19.Validate Python LaTeX formatting (Raymond Hettinger)
20.Change .py files to use 4-space indents.
21.Find dependencies between a bunch of Python modules.