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1.gsub does multiple substitutions at once
2.gsub method that performs a global substitution (like a search and replace) upon the string
3.use gsub to eradicate the spaces from text string
4.Splitting Text into Sentences
5.Testing Sentence Separation
6.gsub (or gsub!) replaces a substring (first argument) with a replacement string (second argument)
7.gsub alll with all
8.gsub lll with ll
9.Normalize Ruby source code by replacing tabs with spaces

10.Transform Windows-style newlines to Unix-style newlines
11.Use whitespace as the place holder
12."FOO bar".gsub(/foo/i, "The bar").gsub(/bar/m, "result")
13."Here is number #123".gsub(/[a-z]/i, "#").gsub(/#/, "P")
14.gsub(/[^\d]+/, '').split(//)