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1.Backing Up All Databases
2.In migrating with mysqldump/mysql
3.Common Options of the MySQL Server (mysqld) and the MySQL Client Tools(mysql, mysqladmin, mysqldump, mysqlimport, etc.)
4.Run mysqldump to get the CREATE TABLE statement that contains the column definition
5.mysqldump creates datafiles in tab-delimited, linefeed-terminated format by default.
6.Issue a mysqldump command
7.mysqldump command backs up the Authors and Books table in the BooksDB database:
8.mysqldump command backs up the BooksDB and BooksDB2 databases
9.Make a backup of the duckwear database using the following mysqldump command

10.mysqldump interprets its first nonoption argument as a database name and dumps all the tables in that database.
11.Name just the City and Country tables after the database name, so mysqldump dumps just those tables
12.With the --databases option, mysqldump interprets any nonoption argument as a database name and dumps all the tables in each of the named databases.
13.With the --all-databases option, mysqldump dumps all tables in all databases.
14.To reload an SQL-format dump file produced by mysqldump, process it with mysql.
15.mysql can read from a pipe, so you can combine the use of mysqldump and mysql into a single command.
16.To dump multiple tables, name them all following the database name argument.
17.Copying Tables or Databases to Another Server
18.To flush the logs when creating a backup file
19.To dump the contents of the world database to an output file named world.sql
20.Use a pipe to copy the Country table from the world database on the local host to the world database on the remote host
21.Backup of InnoDB databases:With InnoDB tables, LOCK commands solve nothing.
22.Making a Backup of an Entire Database
23.backs up all your databases to a file named databackup_041031.sql
24.Backup and Restoration of stored procedures
25.To dump a table as a datafile, you must specify a --tab option that indicates the directory where you want the MySQL server to write the file.
26.Exporting Table Contents or Definitions in SQL Format