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1.The INTERVAL() function compares the first integer listed as an argument to the integers that follow the first
2.The INTERVAL clause requires an , which must be a time value in an acceptable format, and a value.
3.Calculating Intervals Between Times
4.Adding a Temporal Interval to a Time
5.Literal for timestamp type column
6.Some interval specifiers comprise both date and time parts.
7.Use the + and - operators to perform date interval addition and subtraction
8.Add date with interval
9.Get the date seven days after the payment date.

10.Add 7 day interval to a date
11.Add Month and day to a date
12.Add hour, seconds and microseconds to Date
13.Add one day to the date literal '2004-13-12'; next show the error messages.
14.To convert the interval from seconds to other units, perform the appropriate division