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1.CASE() Function
2.The next version of the CASE() function
3.CASE Branching
4.CASE is a variant of IF that is useful when all the branch decisions depend on the value of a single expression.
5.Using case in select statement
6.Use both case expressions shown previously in a SELECT statement.
7.Using the comparison value form of CASE...WHEN
8.Using CASE...WHEN for evaluating conditions
9.Variants of CASE.WHEN with no ELSE clause

10.Use a CASE...WHEN function to indicate that the different categories have different sales trends
11.Case without else clause
12.Nested case statement
13.Case with comparison
14.Case when with and operator
15.Provide more meaningful value with case clause
16.Make more complete value with case statement
17.Using case statement to check a range
18.Use case else to check the exceptions
19.Using case with comparison
20.Case clause and aggregate function
21.If ELSE is omitted, the null value is returned.