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1.LEFT JOIN tables
2.'USING' command in LEFT JOIN
3.Two LEFT JOIN in select command
5.Creating the table list with LEFT JOIN and then forming the linking connection with ON
6.A LEFT JOIN and a regular join
7.To list each author record, whether or not there are any book records for it, use a LEFT JOIN
8.To force each category to be displayed, use a reference table and a LEFT JOIN.
9.Creating Left Joins

10.Replacing the ON clause with the USING clause for Left Join
11.Use a left join to link more than two tables.
12.Addition of the LEFT keyword to each join definition
13.Left Joins (Left Outer Joins)
14.Performing a LEFT JOIN on just the customer and sales tables.
15.Table order in a LEFT JOIN is important.
16.Left outer join syntax
17.Left outer join then order
18.Left outer join
19.Left outer join with using clause
20.Left outer join with subquery
21.Query from left outer join
22.To return all the sales reps who have not yet made a sale