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1.Using More Than one Table
2.Self join
3.Simple table join
4.Join three tables
5.Query data from two tables
6.JOIN two tables with alias name
7.Using a Join to Control Query Output Order
8.Using a Join to Create a Lookup Table from Descriptive Labels
9.Return the first names and surnames of both the sales rep and the customer, as well as the value of the sale

10.Query data from two tables 2
11.Finding Rows in One Table That Match Rows in Another
12.Identify records from author table that corresponds to the author name, use its a_id value to find matching re
13.Using information in the book table to find information in the author table
14.Finding Rows with No Match in Another Table
15.Shorten the output column list to include only columns from the author table
16.List each author from the author table, and whether or not you have any books by the author
17.Using table alias to qualify column name when column names exist
18.Using table alias to qualify column name
20.Qualify the column name with table name