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1.Where clause: like and %
2.To get the equivalent with LIKE, you'd have had to use % wildcards at the end: B% %r
5.LIKE '%e_'
6.Like and concat
7.Like and escape
8.LIKE '%is%'
9.LIKE '______' (underscore)

10.LIKE '______%' (underscore and %)
11.LIKE '_r%r_'
12.LIKE '_@%%@%_' ESCAPE '@'
13.To reverse the sense of a pattern match, use NOT LIKE.
14.SQL patterns do not match NULL values. This is true both for LIKE and NOT LIKE
15.LIKE Search Pattern
16.Controlling Case Sensitivity in Pattern Matching. By default, LIKE is not case sensitive:
17.Pattern Matching: LIKE and %