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1.REGEXP 'e'
2.REGEXP '^ba'
4.REGEXP '[abc]'
5.REGEXP 'm.n'
6.REGEXP '[men][men]'
7.POSTCODE REGEXP '[0-9][0-9]*[a-z][a-z]*'
8.NAME REGEXP '^[a-z]{7}'
9.NAME REGEXP '^[a-z]{6,7}$'

11.REGEXP '[[.space.]]'
12.REGEXP '[[:<:]]Street[[:>:]]'
13.NAME REGEXP '^n.*e$'
14.REGEXP '[a-z]{9}'
15.Regular expressions do not match NULL values. This is true both for REGEXP and for NOT REGEXP
16.SELECT c, c REGEXP '.', c REGEXP '^', c REGEXP '$' FROM mytable;
17.With REGEXP, you need a double backslash to match a metacharacter literally:
18.The primary options that you can use with the REGEXP operator to create expressions in your SQL statements.
19.Be more specific with the REGEXP operator by extending the specified value used by the operator
20.Pattern Matching with REGEXP
21.The command REGEXP offers many more possibilities for formulating a pattern,