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1.Use DISTINCT to get non-dupliate records
2.Use DISTICNT to get unique value
3.Eliminating Duplicate Data Using DISTINCT 1
4.Eliminating Duplicate Data Using DISTINCT 2
5.Select distinct records using JOIN
6.The SQL key word DISTINCT has the effect that equivalent data records are output only once.
7.DISTINCT works with multiple-column output too.
8.how many different drivers there are, use COUNT(DISTINCT)
9.DISTINCT with two columns

10.DISTINCT works with expressions, not just column values.
11.Inserting name values into the multisequence table generates separate sequences for each distinct name:
12.Count distinct
13.Distinct sub string
14.Average distinct value
15.Return a list of surnames, with each surname appearing only once?
16.The fraction of the records that contain unique or non-unique names: