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1.Create Simple Tables
2.Create table: default value for column
3.Create table: small int and unsigned int
4.Create table: smallint, decimal and float
5.Create table: char, varchar
6.Create table: BLOB
7.Create table: char set and language
8.Create table: ENUM and set
9.Create table: YEAR and TIMESTAMP

10.Create table: null and not null
11.Create table: not null and default value
12.Create table: default int value
13.Create table: primary key
14.Create table: primary key 2
15.Create table: two columns for primary key
16.Create table: auto increment primary key
17.Create table: REFERENCES
18.Create table: foreign key
19.Create table: engine type INNODB
20.Set average row length and max, min rows
21.Syntax for Creating Tables (CREATE TABLE)
22.Create an empty table, use a WHERE clause that is always false
23.To produce a summary that includes all hours of the day, create a reference table that lists each hour
24.Creates table-level privileges.
25.Create a copy of the product table:
26.Create a table called cust_names using the table definitions and data from the product table.
29.Creating Copies of a Table
30.Creating a New Table by Copying
31.Creating a Table
32.Add an IF NOT EXISTS clause to the statement: