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1.Positioning UI Elements with a StackPanelPositioning UI Elements with a StackPanel
2.Using a StackPanel controlUsing a StackPanel control
4.Horizontal StackPanel exampleHorizontal StackPanel example
5.A basic StackPanel with three elementsA basic StackPanel with three elements
6.A basic StackPanel that uses a Horizontal OrientationA basic StackPanel that uses a Horizontal Orientation
7.A StackPanel with three VisibleUIElement itemsA StackPanel with three VisibleUIElement items
8.A StackPanel with a CollapsedUIElementA StackPanel with a CollapsedUIElement
9.Simple StackPanel

10.Set height, Background and Orientation for StackPanel
11.Change StackPanel Orientation
12.Use StackPanel to arrange child objects in a single line that you can align horizontally or vertically.
13.Layout with StackPanelLayout with StackPanel
14.Put controls into StackPanelPut controls into StackPanel
15.Nested StackPanelsNested StackPanels