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Demo Const and ReadOnly

Demo Const and ReadOnly
Imports System

Public Class MainClass

    Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
      Dim random As Random = New Random()
      Dim circle As CircleConstants = New CircleConstants(random.Next(1, 20))

      Dim radius As String = Convert.ToString(circle.RADIUS)

      Dim output As String = "Radius = " & radius & vbCrLf _
         & "Circumference = " + String.Format("{0:N3}", _
         circle.RADIUS * 2 * CircleConstants.PI)

    End Sub
End Class

' Encapsulate constants PI and radius.
Class CircleConstants

   ' PI is constant data member
   Public Const PI As Double = 3.14159

   ' radius is uninitialized constant
   Public ReadOnly RADIUS As Integer

   ' constructor of class CircleConstants
   Public Sub New(ByVal radiusValue As Integer)
      RADIUS = radiusValue
   End Sub ' New

End Class ' CircleConstants


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