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Nested Class Demo

Nested Class Demo
Imports System

Public Class MainClass
    Shared Sub Main()
         Dim f1 As New Fraction(3, 4)
         Console.WriteLine("f1: {0}", f1.ToString(  ))

         Dim fa As New Fraction.FractionArtist(  )
    End Sub
End Class

 Public Class Fraction
     Private numerator As Integer
     Private denominator As Integer

     Public Sub New( _
       ByVal numerator As Integer, ByVal denominator As Integer)
         Me.numerator = numerator
         Me.denominator = denominator
     End Sub 'New

     Public Overrides Function ToString(  ) As String
         Return [String].Format("{0}/{1}", numerator, denominator)
     End Function 'ToString

     ' Nested Class
     Class FractionArtist
         Public Sub Draw(ByVal f As Fraction)
             Console.WriteLine("Drawing the numerator: {0}", f.numerator)
             Console.WriteLine( _
                 "Drawing the denominator: {0}", f.denominator)
         End Sub 'Draw
     End Class 'FractionArtist

 End Class 'Fraction


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