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1.Use the Sign(SByte) method to determine the sign of a SByte value and display it to the console.
2.SByte.MaxValue represents the largest possible value of SByte.
3.SByte.Parse converts string number to 8-bit signed integer.
4.SByte.Parse converts string in a culture-specific format to its 8-bit signed integer
5.SByte.Parse converts string in a style to 8-bit signed integer equivalent.
6.SByte.Parse Method converts string is in a style and culture-specific format to 8-bit signed equivalent.
7.SByte.ToString converts its string using the specified culture-specific format information.
8.SByte.ToString converts to string representation using the specified format.
9.SByte.ToString Method converts to string using the specified format and culture-specific format information.

10.SByte.TryParse tries to convert string in a style and culture-specific format to SByte
11.SByte.TryParse tries to convert string to SByte equivalent
12.Assign SByte to Integer