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2.Convert numeric string to SByte without a format provider
3.Convert numeric string to SByte with a format provider.
4.Converting strings to numbers in base
5.Convert.ToBase64CharArray converts 8-bit unsigned integer array to Unicode character array
6.Convert the Char array back to a Byte array
7.Convert.ToBase64String converts 8-bit unsigned integers to string encoded with base-64 digits.
8.Convert string by different base
9.Convert.ToDateTime (Object) converts object to a DateTime object.

10.Convert.ToDateTime Method (Object, IFormatProvider) converts object to DateTime using culture-specific format
11.Convert.ToDateTime(String) converts string to date and time value.
12.Convert.ToDateTime(String, IFormatProvider) converts string to date and time, using culture-specific format
13.Convert single value to decimal
14.Convert hex string to Int16
15.Convert hex string to int64
16.Convert Long to Integer
17.Convert double to Integer
18.Convert BigInteger to Integer
19.Convert decimal to Integer