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1.List all Culture InformationList all Culture Information
2.String in Your LanguageString in Your Language
3.CurrentInfo for es-ES
4.Gets the culture types that pertain to the current CultureInfo object.
5.Gets the CultureInfo that represents the culture used by the current thread.
7.whether the current CultureInfo represents a neutral culture.
8.Tells whether the current CultureInfo is read-only.
9.Gets the CultureInfo that represents the parent culture of the current CultureInfo.

10.Defines the types of culture lists that can be retrieved using the CultureInfo.GetCultures method.
11.Console fallback UI culture
12.Determines the specific cultures that use the Chinese language, and displays the parent culture
13.Comparing and Sorting Data for a Specific Culture
14.Gets the list of calendars that can be used by the culture.
15.Display string representations of numbers for en-us culture
16.Specific culture double value format