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2.MethodInfo.MemberType Property indicates that this member is a method.
3.MethodInfo.ReturnType gets the return type of this method.
4.MemberInfo Class contains information about the attributes of a member
5.Display the set of assemblies our assemblies reference
6.Display information about each assembly loading into this AppDomain.
7.Get members from a Type
8.MemberInfo.DeclaringType Property gets the class that declares this member.

10.MemberInfo.MemberType indicates the type of the member, method, constructor, event.
11.MemberInfo.Module Property gets the module
12.MemberInfo.Name gets the name of the current member.
13.MemberInfo.ReflectedType Property gets the class object that was used to obtain this instance of MemberInfo.
14.PropertyInfo Class represents the attributes of a property and provides access to property metadata.