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1.Module Class performs reflection on a module.
2.Module.Assembly Property gets the appropriate Assembly for this instance of Module.
3.Module.FilterTypeName Field
6.Module.GetCustomAttributes returns all custom attributes.
7.Module.GetCustomAttributes gets custom attributes of the specified type.
8.Module.GetType returns the specified type, performing a case-sensitive search.
9.Module.GetType returns the specified type, searching the module with the specified case sensitivity.

10.Module.GetType returns type
11.Module.IsDefined tells whether the specified attribute type has been applied to this module.
12.Module.IsResource gets a value indicating whether the object is a resource.
13.Module.Name gets a String representing the name of the module with the path removed.
14.Module.ScopeName gets a string representing the name of the module.
15.Module.ToString returns the name of the module.
16.Assembly.GetModules gets all the modules that are part of this assembly.