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Set font size for FlowDocument
Set font size for FlowDocument
<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.Window1"
    Title="FlowDocumentPage" Height="450" Width="500">
        <Button Padding="20" Margin="40">
                <FlowDocument FontSize="12" xml:space="preserve">
                    <Paragraph TextAlignment="Center" FontSize="18"><Bold>bold</Bold></Paragraph>
                    <Paragraph>aaa<Button>Push me</Button> 
                    <RadioButton IsChecked="True">Yes</RadioButton>
                        <ListItem><Paragraph>C<Ellipse Fill="Red" Width="20" Height="20"/></Paragraph></ListItem>
                        <ListItem><Paragraph>D<Rectangle Fill="Blue" Width="20" Height="20"></Rectangle></Paragraph></ListItem>


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