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1.Build a query to join the two XML trees on the employee's Id.
2.Build an element with a query
3.Loop through all the Employee nodes and insert the new 'TerminationDate' node and the 'Status' attribute
4.Loop through all the HourlyRate elements, setting them to the new payrate, which is the old rate * 5%.
5.Loop through all of the Employee elements and remove the HireDate element.
6.Loop through a node in Xml document
7.Query Xml document by Node value
8.Query for all of the employees that make (HourlyRate) more than $100 an hour
9.Query the XML Tree and get the Name and Hourly Rate elements.

10.Use LINQ to get the tasks for each employee and order them by the employee's name.
11.Using For Each to loop through the result of Xml query
12.Display the employee names and their hourly rate
13.Display the employee names and their new hourly rate.
14.Execute the query and loop through the results, displaying the Information to the screen.
15.Creating new Xml element in the query