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1.Build an XML element in memory
2.FirstName tag's parent has attributes
3.Query elements by attribute value
4.Using Linq Xml to query attribute
5.The element axis property (<>) and the attribute axis property (@) are used to access the id attribute.
6.XAttribute Class represents an XML attribute.
7.Create XAttribute class from the specified name and value.
9.XAttribute.Name Property gets the expanded name of this attribute.

10.XAttribute.NextAttribute Property gets the next attribute of the parent element.
11.XAttribute.NodeType Property gets the node type for this node.
12.XAttribute.PreviousAttribute Property gets the previous attribute of the parent element.
13.XAttribute.Remove removes this attribute from its parent element.
14.XAttribute.SetValue sets the value of this attribute.
15.Converts the current XAttribute object to a string representation.
16.XAttribute.Value Property gets or sets the value of this attribute.
17.XAttribute object content
18.XAttribute object array content
19.XElement.Attribute returns the XAttribute of this XElement that has the specified XName.
20.ReplaceAll with an XAttribute object
21.ReplaceAll with an array of XAttribute objects
22.Add XAttribute with namespace to XElement
23.XAttribute with namespace