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1.Use XmlElementAttribute and XmlAttributeAttributeUse XmlElementAttribute and XmlAttributeAttribute
2.Get the value of the ISBN attribute.
3.Gets an XmlAttributeCollection containing the list of attributes for this node.
4.Returns the value for the attribute with the specified name.
5.Returns the XmlAttribute with the specified name.
6.Whether the current node has any attributes.
7.Removes all specified attributes and children of the current node.
8.Removes all specified attributes from the element. Default attributes are not removed.
9.Removes an attribute by name.

10.Removes an attribute with the specified local name and namespace URI
11.Removes the attribute node with the specified index from the element
12.Removes the XmlAttribute specified by the local name and namespace URI
13.Adds the specified XmlAttribute.
14.Gets an XmlAttributeCollection containing the attributes of this node.
15.Removes all the child nodes and/or attributes of the current node.
16.Writes an attribute with the specified local name, namespace URI, and value.
17.Extensions.Attributes returns a collection of the attributes of every element in the source collection.
18.Extensions.Attributes returns a filtered collection of the attributes
19.Extensions.Remove removes every attribute in the source collection from its parent element.
20.Cast attribute value to nullable integer
21.Check Nothing for attribute getting
22.Get attribute and parse to Integer
23.Attributes are not nodes, so will not be returned by the descendants axis
24.Get attribute with namespace
25.Gets the first attribute of this element.
26.XName Class represents a name of an XML element or attribute.