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1.Navigate through a recordset
2.Move the resultset cursor with MoveNext method
3.Moving Around in a Recordset
4.Move cursor in a Recordset with MoveNext
5.Supplying the CursorType as a Parameter of the Open Method
6.Using the Recordset Movements() Methods on a Recordset Object
7.Moving Through the Records in a Recordset:MoveFirst - To the first record in a recordset
8.Moving Through the Records in a Recordset:MoveLast - To the last record in a recordset
9.Moving Through the Records in a Recordset:MovePrevious - To the previous record in a recordset

10.Moving Through the Records in a Recordset:MoveNext - To the next record in a recordset
11.Set CursorType to adOpenForwardOnly
12.Set CursorType to adOpenStatic
13.Set CursorType to adOpenKeyset
14.Set CursorType to adOpenDynamic
15.Supplying the CursorType as a Property of the Recordset Object
16.Designating the Cursor Location
17.Set CursorLocation to adUseServer
18.Set Cursor Location to adUseClient
19.Check after using the MoveNext method whether the end of the file has been reached
20.moves 5 records backward from the current record in a DAO recordset: