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1.Open a report
2.Save changes to the client record
3.Undo changes made to the current record
4.Closes the window of an Access object: DoCmd.Close([ObjectType][, ObjectName][, Save])
5.Copies a database object into the same or another database: DoCmd.CopyObject([DestinationDatabase][, NewName][, SourceObjectType][, SourceObjectName])
6.Deletes a database object:DoCmd.DeleteObject([ObjectType][, ObjectName])
7.Using the DoCmd Object to Programmatically Add Sections to Reports at Runtime
8.Use DoCmd.OpenForm to open a form
9.Use DoCmd to close a form

10.Setting a Focus
11.Finding a Record
12.Validating a Record
13.Use DoCmd to open a form
14.Makes a sound using the computer's built-in speaker.
15.Using the DoCmd Object to Run Commands
16.Sending Mail
17.Calling the Report from VBA