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3.Data Type
4.Data Type Functions
5.Date Functions
7.File Path
9.Language Basics
10.Math Functions
13.String Functions
14.Windows API
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial
Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
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1.Open a report
2.Save changes to the client record
3.Undo changes made to the current record
4.Closes the window of an Access object: DoCmd.Close([ObjectType][, ObjectName][, Save])
5.Copies a database object into the same or another database: DoCmd.CopyObject([DestinationDatabase][, NewName][, SourceObjectType][, SourceObjectName])
6.Deletes a database object:DoCmd.DeleteObject([ObjectType][, ObjectName])
7.Using the DoCmd Object to Programmatically Add Sections to Reports at Runtime
8.Use DoCmd.OpenForm to open a form
9.Use DoCmd to close a form
10.Setting a Focus
11.Finding a Record
12.Validating a Record
13.Use DoCmd to open a form
14.Makes a sound using the computer's built-in speaker.
15.Using the DoCmd Object to Run Commands
16.Sending Mail
17.Calling the Report from VBA
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