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3.Data Type
4.Data Type Functions
5.Date Functions
7.File Path
9.Language Basics
10.Math Functions
13.String Functions
14.Windows API
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1.Create collection
2.Removing Objects from a Collection
3.Creating and Working with Custom Collections
4.Accessing an Item in a Custom Collection
5.Item method is the default method of the Collection object
6.Refer to an item in a collection using its unique key
7.Removing Items from a Custom Collection
8.Remove element with the key
9.Remove all the elements of a collection in two ways:
10.Iterating Through the Elements of a Custom Collection: use the For...Each loop to iterate through the items in a collection
11.Adding Items to a Custom Collection
12.Looping Through the Elements of a Custom Collection
13.Referencing Items in a Custom Collection
14.Using a Collection to Manipulate Multiple Instances of the FileInformation Class  |  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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