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1.Get current active workbook full name
2.Opens a workbook named MyWorkbook.xls located in the same directory as the active workbook. An error is generated if the file cannot be found.
3.Saving Worksheets as Web Pages
4.Previewing a workbook before saving it as a Web page
5.For Each-Next is useful for cycling through each member of a collection
6.Saves the worksheet range "$A$1:$B$11" as a Web page without interactivity so that it can be viewed in any current browser:
7.Looping through a Collection: use the For Each- Next structure
8.Closes the active workbook without saving changes
9.Protects the structure and windows of the active workbook with the password 0llsecurd:

10.Working with the ActiveWorkbook Object
11.Printing a Worksheet
12.Setting Excel to Remove Personal Information from the File Properties When You Save
13.Setting Passwords and Read-Only Recommendation for a Workbook
14.To set a "password to modify," set the WritePassword property of the Workbook object.
15.Opening a New Window on a Workbook
16.Programmatically Retrieving Link Source Information
17.Standard Workbook Properties