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1.Change the name of the active worksheet
2.Adds two hyperlinks to active sheet
3.Inserts the sheet names into the SheetNames array
4.sort sheets
5.toggles the Visible property of the Text Box
6.All properties of PageSetup
7.Macro for changing page setup to landscape orientation
8.To use the Copy function and Paste method, first insert the formula in the original cell as before, execute the Copy function of the Cells property, select the desired range, and paste the formula.
9.Use For loop to fill a range

10.Defined a print area
11.Protecting a Worksheet
12.Protects the myWorksheet worksheet with the same password but allows the formatting of cells and allows the sorting of unlocked cells:
13.Changing Boolean settings
14.Uses the Not operator to effectively toggle the page break display from True to False and from False to True