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Add Crazy Icons

Sub AddCrazyIcons()
    With Range("A1:C10")
        .Select ' The .Formula lines below require .Select here
        ' First icon set
        .FormatConditions(1).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl3Flags)
        .FormatConditions(1).Formula = "=IF(A1<5,TRUE,FALSE)"

        ' Next icon set
        .FormatConditions(2).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl3ArrowsGray)
        .FormatConditions(2).Formula = "=IF(A1<12,TRUE,FALSE)"

        ' Next icon set
        .FormatConditions(3).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl3Symbols2)
        .FormatConditions(3).Formula = "=IF(A1<22,TRUE,FALSE)"

        ' Next icon set
        .FormatConditions(4).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl4CRV)
        .FormatConditions(4).Formula = "=IF(A1<27,TRUE,FALSE)"

        ' Next icon set
        .FormatConditions(5).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl5CRV)
    End With
End Sub


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