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4.Data Type Functions
5.Date Functions
7.File Path
9.Language Basics
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1.all the ranges that have conditional formatting set up
2.Setting Up Conditional Formats in VBA
3.Identifying Row with Largest Value in G
4.generates a three-color color scale in range A1:A10:
5.Specifying an Icon Set
6.Specifying Ranges for Each Icon
7.Using Two Colors of Data Bars in a Range
8.Add Crazy Icons
9.highlight cells above average:

10.highlight cells below average:
11.Formatting Cells in the Top 10
12.Formatting Cells in the Bottom 5
13.Formatting Cells in the Top 2 percent
14.Formatting Duplicate Cells
15.Formatting Unique Cells
16.Formatting Cells whose value between 10 and 20
17.highlights all cells that contain a capital letter A
18.highlights all dates in the past week:
19.creates the formatting shown in column A
20.Highlight the Entire Row for the Largest Sales Value
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