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1.Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
2.With each range selection you make in the worksheet, the background color of the selection will turn blue.
3.Creating a Database Form From an Excel Worksheet in worksheet activate event
4.Cancel a change in Worksheet Selection Change event
5.If you want the same data to appear on other sheets but not in the same cell addresses
6.Activating Only the Used Range
7.Create a function for Excel: Is a cell formula cell
8.BeforeDoubleClick event
9.BeforeRightClick event

10.The Change event
11.Preventing data validation from being destroyed
12.changes a cell's interior color to red when it is double-clicked:
14.makes use of conditional formatting and overwrites any existing conditional formatting on the sheet.
15.Use a Change event to take what is in the cell and insert the colon for you
16.To validate user input, one possible location for the code is the SheetChange() event procedure of the Workbook object.
17.Use Event Parameters to cancel an event
18.disable the events and then reenable them at the end of the procedure:
19.Track worksheet change event
20.trace worksheet activate event
21.Worksheet Change Events
22.Monitoring a specific range for changes
23.checks each changed cell and displays a message box if the cell is within the desired range.
24.Validating data entry in Worksheet change event
25.SelectionChange event executes whenever the user makes a new selection on the worksheet.
26.The event-handler procedure for the SelectionChange event
27.Using the Change Event to Respond to Worksheet Changes
28.Examples of Activation Events
29.Example that activates cell A1 whenever the sheet is activated:
30.Some Worksheet event are executed before the associated event occurs and have a Cancel parameter that is passed by reference.
31.Enable Events
32.event procedure runs every time the worksheet recalculates
33.Change the range color in selection change event