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1.A simple decision-making structure in a subroutine
2.Within an If structure, you can have an alternative path by using an Else statement.
3.Use and in if statement
4.Block If Statements
5.One-Line If Statements
6.If... Then... ElseIf... Else Statements
7.An If... Then... ElseIf Statement without an Else Clause
8.Combine several If structures using ElseIf.
9.Using the If...Then Statement

10.Write If Then statement in one line
11.Using the Multi-Line If...Then Statement
12.Decisions Based on More Than One Condition: Using the If..Then...AND Conditional Statement
13.Using If...Then...Else Conditional Statement
14.If...Then...ElseIf Statement
15.If statement ladder
16.Nest if statement in a Do Loop
17.Nest an if statement with Do While
18.If/Then/Else: guess a number