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1.The InputBox function displays a dialog box containing a simple text box
2.Using the InputBox Function: InputBox(prompt [, title] [, default] [, xpos] [, ypos] [, helpfile, context])
3.Get the return value from InputBox
4.Return a number from InputBox
5.Read data from dialog box and fill it into the cell
6.Read password from InputBox
7.Validation with the InputBox() Function
8.How to handle error caused by value from InputBox
9.Use InputBox to read value for an array

10.Reference InputBox from Application
11.It is a good idea to include the title and default arguments to provide the user with a little help in knowing what to enter.
12.Checks for the Cancel button clicks and takes no action.
13.Use If and IsNumeric function to check user input
14.Validate the user's entry.
15.Provide help file for InputBox
16.To retrieve input from an input box, declare the numeric variable or String variable that will contain it
17.To make sure that the user has chosen the OK button, check that the input box hasn't returned a zero-length string
18.Combine InputBox and Do Loop to read user input
19.Use parameter name in InputBox function
20.Get the Password