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4.Deleting a Custom Show
5.Starting a Slide Show
6.Show slides 4 through 8 in the presentation
7.To start running a custom show
8.Moving from Slide to Slide
9.To display the first slide in the presentation, use the First method.

10.To display the last slide, use the Last method:
11.To display the next slide, use the Next method.
12.To display the previous slide, use the Previous method.
13.To display a particular slide in the slide show, use the GotoSlide method of the View object, using the Index argument to specify the slide number.
14.Pausing the Show and Using White and Black Screens
15.Starting and Stopping Custom Shows
16.To exit a custom show, use the EndNamedShow method and then use the Next method to advance the presentation.
17.Exiting the Slide Show