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1.Use the AddTextEffect to add a WordArt. The WordArt item uses 54-point bold ITC Avant Garde Gothic.
2.Use the AddTextbox Method to add a text box to the eighth slide and assign text to it
3.Check whether the text frame contains text. To do so, check that the HasText property of the TextFrame object is msoTrue
4.Returning and Setting the Text in a Text Range
5.Returns the second through fifth words from the first shape on the first slide in the active presentation:
6.Set the text of the second paragraph in the second shape on the sixth slide in the presentation
7.Formatting the Text in a Text Range
8.Formatting the Bullets for a Text Range
9.To use a picture as a bullet, set the Type property of the BulletFormat object to ppBulletPicture and then use the Picture method with the Picture argument