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1.Getting to the Header or Footer
2.Adding Page Numbers to One or More Sections of a Document
3.Finding Out if a Section of a Document Has Page Numbers
4.Changing the Page Numbering for a Section
5.To add the chapter number to the page numbers, use heading numbering in your document, set the IncludeChapterNumber property to True, and specify the separator to use
6.Suppressing the Page Number for the First Page: set the ShowFirstPageNumber property for the appropriate HeaderFooter object in the appropriate section to False
7.Formatting Page Numbers
8.Select the PageNumber object and then apply formatting to it as you would any other selection
9.Creating "Page X of Y" Page Numbers

10.adds a new-page section to the active document, placing it before the second paragraph:
11.Removing Page Numbers from One or More Sections of a Document