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Using a positional variable in a for clause

File: Data.xml
  <car model="A">
    <name language="en">name 1</name>
  <car model="B">
    <name language="en">name 2</name>
  <car model="B">
    <name language="en">name 3</name>
  <car model="C">
    <name language="en">name 4</name>

File: Query.xquery

for $prod at $count in doc("Data.xml")//car[@model = ("B", "A")]
return <p>{$count}. {data($prod/name)}</p>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<p>1. name 1</p>
<p>2. name 2</p>
<p>3. name 3</p>


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