XML examples (example source code) Organized by topic

XSLT stylesheet /

abbreviation 4analyze string 3ancestor or self 1ancestor 3
apply templates 5attribute set 4Attribute 9axis 14
boolean operator 2call template 5cast 3character map 1
child 2Choose 3comment 5compare 1
Comparison operator 3concat 2contains 3context 2
copy of 4copy 2count 3current date 1
current group 3current time 1current 1day from date 1
descendant or self 2descendant 5div 3document node 1
document 5element available 1element function 1entity 5
every 1except 1extension 3following sibling 5
following 1for each group 8for each 8for loop 1
format date 3format dateTime 1format time 1function 2
generate id 3Grouping 3html 13id 2
idiv 1idref 1if 7import schema 1
import 2include 2instance of 2intersect 1
key 4last 3list type 2list 3
local name 4match 5matches 3mod 2
name 3namespace uri 2Namespace 3node 2
non xml 1normalize space 4number format 12number function 1
number 21output 11para 4parent 4
perform sort 2position 3preceding sibling 3preceding 1
preserve space 1processing instruction 5RDF 1result document 1
reverse 1root 2select 19self 3
sequence 3Sort 16starts with 1string join 1
string length 1string 1strip space 2stylesheet 6
subsequence 3substring after 2substring before 2substring 2
sum 1table 18template match 12text 5
translate 3unparsed entity uri 1value of 7Variable 20
xlink 4xml output 28

XML Schema /

all 2annotation 4any 1anyAttribute 2
anyURI 4attribute 12attributeGroup 2boolean 1
byte 2choice 4complexContent 3complexType 12
dateTime 1decimal 1default 2double 1
duration 2element 11elementFormDefault 8enumeration 3
extension 1field 1fixed 5float 1
fractionDigits 2gDay 1group 1hexBinary 1
IDREF 1import 3include 3integer 1
key 1keyref 1language 2length 1
list 4maxExclusive 1maxInclusive 1maxLength 1
maxOccurs 1minExclusive 1minInclusive 1minLength 1
minOccurs 1namespace 1NCName 1NMTOKEN 2
noNamespaceSchemaLocation 1notation 1pattern 9prohibited 1
redefine 1Reference 8restriction 4Russian Doll 3
Salami Slice 8scale 1schemaLocation 1selector 1
sequence 8simpleContent 3simpleType 4string 4
substitutionGroup 1targetNamespace 5time 2token 2
totalDigits 1union 6unique 1Useful Simple Type 25
Venetian Blind 1whiteSpace 2xlink 2

XQuery /

Aggregate 4attribute 2Axis 7comments 1
Constructor 2context 1count 1data 1
distinct values 1doc 4document 1element 1
entities 2every 1FLWOR 2for 11
function 3group 2if 6input 1
is 1Join 4last 1let 4
max 1min 1namespace 8no preserve 1
node 3not 1order by 7output 6
position 1preserve 1processing instructions 1prolog 3
range 1return 2some 1string 1
strip 1unordered 3variable 7where 3

CSS Style /

align 2Attribute 3background 4Border 3
break 1clear 1clip 1color 1
column 1content 1display 4float 2
font 9foreground 2height 1inline block 1
letter spacing 1line height 1list 3margin 5
overflow 2Padding 3paragraph 2position 3
pseudo class 3table 1text decoration 1text transform 1
width 2Word spacing 1xlink 3xml stylesheet 2
z index 1


animate 4Bezier 2circle 2clipPath 1
Dash 1defs 1ellipse 4Embedding SVG 2
g element 1JavaScript 5line 1linearGradient 2
marker 1opacity 1path 4pattern 3
polygon 2radialGradient 3rect 3rotate 1
set 3stroke 2Style 5text 11
textPath 2transform 4translate 4viewBox 1
viewport 2xlink 1