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1.Define variable and set value
2.Define variable
3.Output variable
4.Define a variable and then use it in for loop
5.Assign value from variable to attribute
6.Use for-each to loop through variable
7.Use constant value from variable
8.Fill variable with the returned value from a function
9.Variable scope

10.substring function with variable
11.Reference variable three times
12.Compare variable
13.Define number type variable
14.Math calculation
15.value-of and math calculation
16.Variable with number type
17.number level="any" count="chapter|sect1|sect2|sect3" format="Ww - " ordinal="yes"
18.number level="any" count="chapter|sect1|sect2|sect3" format="w - " lang="de"
19.number level="any" count="chapter|sect1|sect2|sect3" format="w - " lang="pl"
20.Thai numbering