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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

package com.appsng.models;
/*  ww w . j av a 2s.c o m*/
public class Photo {

    public String id,caption,url,portfolio_id,user_id,username,likes,created,num_of_comments;

        public Photo(String id,String caption,String url,String portfolio_id,String user_id,String username,
            String likes,String created,String num_of_comments){ = id;
        this.caption = caption;
        this.url = url;
        this.portfolio_id = portfolio_id;
        this.user_id = user_id;
        this.username = username;
        this.likes = likes;
        this.created = created;
        this.num_of_comments = num_of_comments;


       //// getters ////

        public String getId(){

        public String getCaption(){
        return this.caption;

        public String getUrl(){
        return this.url;

        public String getNumberOfComment(){
        return this.num_of_comments;

        public String getPortfolio_id(){
        return this.portfolio_id;

        public String getUser_id(){
        return this.user_id;

        public String getUsername(){
        return this.username;

        public String getLikes(){
        return this.likes;

        public String getCreated(){
        return this.created;

       //// setters ////

        public void setId(String value){ = value;

        public void setCaption(String value){
        this.caption = value;

        public void setUrl(String value){
        this.url = value;

        public void setPortfolio_id(String value){
        this.portfolio_id = value;

        public void setUser_id(String value){
        this.user_id = value;

        public void setNumberOfComment(String value){
        this.num_of_comments = value;

        public void setUsername(String value){
        this.username = value;

        public void setLikes(String value){
        this.likes = value;

        public void setCreated(String value){
        this.created = value;

       public String toString(){


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