Index for Android Open Source Projects

Android Free Code lists the open source Android Projects organized by topics and sub-topics.


3d5 accelerometer2 activity3 api6 app4
bubble3 bus1 button3 canvas2 chart1
circle3 collection1 component1 countdown1 custom2
demo11 display3 drag2 draw1 drawable3
drawer2 easy3 effect3 example7 fade1
flip4 fragment1 gesture2 gif2 graph1
icon1 image3 imageview1 layout4 library6
lollipop3 material2 path1 pixel1 plugin1
render1 rotate3 sample6 scale1 scroll2
shake1 showcase1 simple1 slide3 snow1
sprite1 studio4 style3 tool1 touch2
transition1 tutorial2 tween1 view8 viewpager6
widget2 xml1 zoom1


account15 alert10 algorithm15 art15 assignment42
attendance20 authentication15 ball30 basic70 blog50
bus45 calculate47 campus34 card38 city27
cloud41 code179 color26 companion31 connection32
contact51 control110 course94 coursera1 data1
date27 demo126 design56 device81 display68
drag1 draw39 education23 engine11 event55
example97 file1 fitness29 flash28 food34
friend40 github50 history19 ios30 kid10
learn85 lock25 log23 login21 media24
memory25 message42 messenger28 mirror48 mobile206
module24 money30 native34 note98 notepad46
notify13 paint32 permission14 phone122 picture38
platform76 podcast16 project258 quiz56 radio43
raspberry18 repository150 robot33 sample156 schedule61
screen38 senior19 server83 service69 share53
shopping46 simple360 statistics25 stock20 stream22
system118 tablet39 task69 template19 test143
text53 time116 timetable26 todo91 track154
transit23 travel19 udacity52 virtual20 wear42
web56 word38


application45 assignment6 bill3 bmi8 bootcamp3
class6 convert3 course5 design2 discount4
function2 gpa14 grade6 income5 loan6
matrix6 mortgage6 notation4 physics3 platform5
rpn6 scientific3 tax4 time9 tip56
tutorial4 week4


api6 app4 application58 capture3 color6
control6 crop4 custom6 demo6 detect5
device9 display5 effect4 example7 face4
filter7 flash11 front4 gallery7 gps3
image8 intent4 ip5 library5 live5
mode3 opencv4 picture6 play4 preview8
process5 project10 reality4 record1 remote8
sample9 save2 send2 sensor4 server4
share1 show4 stream4 surfaceview3 take7
test10 touch2 traffic2 upload3 view7


application47 bluetooth16 client21 cloud2 connection6
demo6 encrypt5 example4 firebase4 group7
irc3 library2 message4 messenger3 mobile5
port2 protocol3 robot2 room5 sample5
sdk2 server10 service3 socket7 tcp1
thread2 udp4 user5 voice3 wifi6


activity3 add4 api6 connection11 contact5
content4 contentprovider3 couchdb9 crud8 cursor2
database115 delete2 external4 file4 helper3
image4 insert1 json9 library12 lightweight4
model2 mysql20 object4 orm25 parse2
plugin2 provider3 read5 record3 restful5
save6 search7 server8 service4 show3
sql6 table3 tool2 tutorial3 update2
utility2 webservice3 write5


EventBus12 Notepad1 activity153 alert1 api603
arduino167 assignment9 barcode75 basic9 book252
bootcamp66 calendar152 campus1 code7 cordova77
course30 coursera2 data440 demo7 design2
device2 dialog3 display1 dropbox53 eclipse126
edittext32 education2 encrypt32 event1 example3
file324 fitness1 flashlight86 food2 gallery66
gesture64 github1 googleappengine27 gradle121 hackathon1
homework10 imageview39 intellij11 intent86 ios1
javascript30 json154 keyboard102 learn14 lock1
map2 maven39 mediaplayer61 message1 mms17
mobile19 money1 native2 note1 opencv59
platform1 project11 qrcode35 quiz2 repository9
restaurant64 restful108 robot1 rss203 sample6
schedule2 sdk582 shopping1 simple3 socket56
speech79 statistics1 studio313 system1 task2
test3 time1 todo1 tool283 track2
travel1 tutorial241 tv108 tweet19 udacity7
utility143 viewpager78 voice115 wallet68 wear1
web3 webservice82 wifi190 youtube44


Flickr2 assignment69 code99 course132 coursera60
example212 hackathon72 homework41 learn17 project159
sample176 slide2 swipe4


Klyph1 Notify1 album1 api10 app18
birthday3 chat3 client6 code4 connection4
data6 demo5 event2 feed5 friend6
image2 instagram3 integrate3 library7 like8
link3 linkedin5 login17 menu5 native3
network4 parse6 photo2 picture2 plugin4
post6 project12 repository6 sample9 sdk21
search2 share5 status2 sync4 text3
tutorial3 twitter12 up3 upload4 user6
wall3 weather2


API11 Application69 Asynchronous7 Bluetooth9 Design9
MVC8 Native10 Network14 Plugin10 RESTful9
Test22 arduino1 cache1 card1 dashclock1
data1 database9 demo1 dialog1 drag1
draw1 eclipse2 file1 fragment1 framework181
game49 gesture2 group1 image9 intent1
javascript2 json4 layout1 library15 maven1
monitor2 notify1 opencv1 phonegap2 platform19
rss1 socket1 tool2 transition1 utility2
webservice1 webview1


accelerometer2 access2 address1 api1 barcode3
battery4 bluetooth5 compass4 coordinate3 data8
database2 demo5 direction4 display1 example5
file1 gsm2 latitude2 log4 logger4
longitude1 navigation4 picture1 position3 post1
provider2 record3 send1 server6 service6
share1 speed5 store2 time3 track8


204814 2d32 3d20 Unity3d2 Vector1
accelerometer9 admob1 adventure13 ai15 andengine34
api1 app18 application124 arcade14 assignment1
asteroid7 ball18 barrel5 battleship15 bird10
blackjack9 bluetooth17 board36 book10 bubble14
canvas11 card50 casual12 chess32 child9
classic24 color14 controller18 conway16 cordova2
course20 database1 defence6 demo25 development42
dice12 draw10 education6 engine52 example25
extension3 golf7 guess15 hackathon1 hangman13
hunt7 kid6 kilobolt9 life19 math11
maze19 memory39 minecraft3 minesweeper29 multiplayer43
physics17 platform45 play39 player121 plugin2
poker19 port18 project69 prototype16 puzzle65
quiz27 race8 rpg44 sdk16 sensor8
server15 shoot21 simple104 small31 snake27
solitaire8 space24 speed8 strategy23 sudoku63
tablet7 tetris18 tictactoe60 time21 tower17
tutorial12 unity1 word29 zombie9


2d19 3d34 api4 bitmap16 blur4
cache1 canvas2 chart3 device6 draw3
engine10 file9 gallery1 gpu1 graph37
pdf15 physics3 picture2 plugin2 png2
reader5 render4 renderer2 rotate5 sample7
shape2 shoot4 simulator1 svg8 text3
touch2 tutorial3 viewer8 web4 zoom1


Communication21 accelerometer67 battery75 bluetooth264 car19
communication21 connection37 controller18 driver8 energy20
flashlight1 ip3 livetv8 module20 monitor15
pc10 plugin1 port8 remote19 robot19
serial19 server15 service13 signal3 stream4
usb61 wifi10


2d1 3d3 analyze3 api17 app3
application31 asynchronous5 background4 bitmap5 blur2
cache8 capture5 circle6 client16 color5
contact3 convert6 corner5 crop11 custom5
demo8 desktop2 display11 download10 downloader3
edit9 encode2 example11 face3 fetch3
file7 filter10 finder2 flickr7 gallery10
grid17 gridview4 imageview7 imgur2 instagram4
large3 library11 load10 loader15 manipulate3
mms1 nasa6 opencv8 parse3 pick5
picture4 pinch3 post1 process13 puzzle2
qrcode3 quiz2 random2 read3 recognition5
resize1 resource3 rotate1 sample11 save4
scroller2 search28 searcher7 select10 share4
show8 shrink2 slider5 store3 style3
text9 tool1 touch7 upload7 url7
utility5 view12 viewer12 webview2 zoom7


2d6 3D6 Application8 Asteroid4 Bird5
Box2D6 Clone9 Desktop11 Dungeon3 Fly4
HTML55 Mario3 RPG5 Raindrop4 Snake3
Unity3d1 adventure1 demo4 engine13 extension2
framework12 game120 iOS7 invaders3 libgdx30
library8 minesweeper1 physics4 platform1 play1
port2 project8 sdk1 shoot9 simple1
small2 tower1 tutorial13 unity1 wallpaper4


Git1 common1 demo3 example4 file1
message1 mobile3 project1 repository1 sample5
service3 simple2 test1 view1 xmpp1


API27 Application134 Aware21 Device20 GPS38
Indicator3 Indoor7 Logger8 Network16 Notification1
Plugin3 Provider17 Service45 Share27 Time19
Widget6 alarm2 current29 distance9 framework1
game9 geo19 gradle1 library18 location64
mobile1 pdf1 simple1 system13 track37
tutorial1 user35 voice1 webservice1


GMail14 Library4 backup1 client4 email51
mail18 sms15


API48 Campus10 Database7 Device9 Direction7
Draw6 GPS10 GoogleMap34 Indoor6 JSON13
Library14 Offline11 Phone9 Place16 Position6
Route5 Track14 Utility5 accelerometer1 application84
client10 course1 demo20 display18 example20
facebook7 flip1 game7 gesture1 graph1
image4 intent1 lightweight1 location35 map60
mapview1 maven1 navigation9 object2 open3
path6 press1 restful1 sdk11 sensor4
studio1 style1 tutorial3 view1 wifi5
activity1 api3 color1 custom5 data1
example5 float2 opencv4 option6 restaurant12
slide11 studio1 tab2 touch3 viewpager1


api2 app2 application36 bluetooth5 card8
communication3 data8 demo7 device6 example9
game4 library9 nfcreader5 reader10 tag23
url3 write9
activity1 book1 drawer56 example8 gallery1
material6 menu7 slide8 viewpager1 voice1


Movie2 address2 app4 application20 battery4
bluetooth6 car1 check4 client8 connection7
contain1 control4 course1 coursera1 custom2
data6 design3 device8 download4 easy3
example5 file4 fork1 google7 gps3
image4 install1 interface4 ip4 java6
json3 layer2 library9 local5 log5
message2 mobile8 module5 monitor5 name3
open1 phone5 platform5 port3 remote3
request4 result2 sample5 scan3 scanner3
sdk4 send5 sensor4 server4 service6
share6 show3 social17 source2 support4
system4 time3 tool5 track3 traffic4
usage4 view3 volley7 widget3 wifi10
wireless6 xml2


aggregator6 application19 bbc4 channel2 client19
feed13 football2 newspaper3 popular2 portal2
read13 reader19 rss10 search4 sport1
stock1 update2 yahoo1


2D5 3D8 API2 Application16 Camera5
Cube4 Demo18 Example18 Experiment5 Filter2
GPU2 JNI3 Line2 Maze1 Particle3
Player1 RGB1 Sample7 Sandbox4 Shade3
Shaderize1 Shape2 Snake3 Sprite1 Test19
Tool2 Tutorial5 animation2 basic6 box2d3
coverflow2 draw1 effect4 engine4 framework9
gallery1 game24 graph5 library6 opengl62
physics1 prototype1 reader1 render5 renderer2
rotate3 simulation3 simulator2 swipemenu1 texture4
video4 view3 viewer1 wallpaper14


account8 edittext1 encrypt1 generator17 ios2
manager27 qrcode1 random2 simple1 storage2
strength3 track1 wifi7


API6 Angular3 Cordova12 Demo6 HTML53
JQuery6 SDK3 accelerometer1 application38 backbonejs4
battery1 card1 database1 iOS8 javascript1
phonegap41 plugin13


album2 api5 app2 application34 art2
browse4 camera11 capture8 client3 cloud3
contact4 crop2 device5 display5 dropbox1
editor3 effect6 file2 flickr7 gallery16
gps3 image6 instagram7 ios1 library7
picasa1 pick3 print1 restful2 search5
send3 server3 share12 show4 store4
sync3 tag4 upload7 view6


alert1 api3 app3 application43 automate2
backup2 basic2 battery1 block3 bluetooth3
button2 calendar2 call4 card3 check2
client9 com4 command3 connection2 contact4
control2 data6 database5 define1 device6
display2 emergency2 encrypt3 export5 filter6
forward3 friend4 gateway12 gps5 history4
inbox3 incoming6 internet3 keyword4 library2
log1 message12 mms6 mobile5 notification3
notify3 number6 outgoing1 phone10 project9
read2 receive8 remote2 save3 schedule4
sdk2 send13 sender9 server4 service8
share3 spam4 specific1 sync4 system4
text7 tool5 track2 user4 version2
view4 voice3 web3


API11 ContentProvider6 Create7 Demo11 Helper9
JSON7 Sample9 Save11 Store10 Tutorial7
add2 application1 contact2 crud15 cursor2
data13 database66 example21 file6 framework2
library13 list6 model1 mysql2 object1
orm16 persist7 provider3 read1 sql1
sqlite76 update1 utility3


app1 application36 camera4 client3 encrypt3
file1 message3 monitor2 network4 notepad1
password9 system9 text1 wallet1


acceleration3 accelerometer6 activity3 app2 application26
arduino3 bluetooth3 car3 compass4 connection2
control6 data14 detect4 device12 display5
example6 external2 file5 filter2 fusion3
gps6 gravity3 heart2 humidity3 library5
light7 linear2 log8 logger6 magnetic3
monitor5 motion3 orient4 pedometer3 phone9
plot4 pressure2 process3 project1 proximity7
rate3 robot2 rotate4 screen6 send5
server5 service4 speed4 store3 stream1
tag4 temperature2 test12 udp3 user2


alarm4 album5 audio113 clip7 communication5
effect8 fm6 listen16 location9 media8
mediaplayer11 message5 mp37 music193 notify6
playback10 player162 playlist8 plugin6 profile6
recognition5 record33 recorder18 send8 sensor14
service10 sound87 stream35 synthesizer5 track12
video23 volume10


Notification48 alarm7 background3 clock10 countdown14
eclipse1 interval6 login1 monitor46 notify10
roller2 socket1 stopwatch10 studio3 tablet3
task7 tutorial1 wear17 wifi1 workout3


account1 api8 app3 application54 assignment4
bootcamp6 client93 connection4 course2 design3
development4 device4 example3 feed7 fragment6
game2 google1 image2 integrate3 interface3
introduction2 java5 library8 like10 login3
message2 monitor2 oauth6 path2 post8
project8 reader2 restful2 sample3 sdk2
search12 service4 share1 sms3 stream2
timeline7 trend4 tutorial4 tweet8 twitter4j8
update3 user6 week3


3d3 Tutorial15 actionbar28 actionbarsherlock7 activity18
api14 app13 application53 art3 background6
barcode3 bootstrap16 button50 calendar2 card10
chart2 chromium14 circle9 client5 clock1
color10 component7 control10 custom30 demo32
drag9 draw5 drawer13 eclipse3 edittext8
effect9 engine5 example31 font24 fragment52
gesture3 graph1 gridview28 icon12 inspire7
json1 layout53 library32 mapview8 material9
maven1 menu10 mock5 native9 navigation13
oauth1 pattern11 plugin2 press9 progressbar20
refresh5 render3 resource2 restful2 rotate3
rss3 scanner3 scroll8 scrollview2 style12
swipe6 switch6 tabhost9 template6 test25
textview30 theme31 toast3 tool11 utility5
validation2 viewpager20 webservice3 websocket4 webview51

UI Dialog

App4 File11 Material4 SDK4 activity3
alert4 bluetooth1 countdown1 cursor1 custom9
date2 demo6 dialog30 example3 friend1
library14 pick2 project1

UI ListView

3d2 ActionBar3 Application13 CheckBox3 Database6
Delete6 Display10 Drag9 ExpandableListView4 Facebook7
Fragment5 Gridview10 Header6 Horizontal7 Item11
JSON10 Load11 Menu3 Parse9 PullToRefresh8
SQLite4 Scroll6 ScrollView4 Section7 Show13
Slide4 Tutorial7 XML9 actionbarsherlock1 adapter11
background1 button1 cell1 circle1 collection1
color1 custom11 data11 demo12 drawer2
effect5 example14 expandable8 extension1 fade1
firebase1 gesture1 image13 layout4 library8
listview55 navigation3 pattern2 pull7 refresh8
row5 style1 swipe7 test1 view9


API5 Background6 Capture8 Design3 Download5
Gallery4 Game17 Image7 Live6 MediaPlayer5
Player26 SDK5 Show6 Stream15 TV5
Upload5 app2 camera6 cordova1 demo6
device8 ffmpeg5 file5 layout1 library4
media8 monitor3 photo8 picture5 record10
rtsp5 search4 send8 test1 tutorial6
video66 videoplayer5 webview1 youtube20


3D1 Animation10 Application26 Background4 Chooser1
Flickr1 Game6 Image8 Live105 LiveWallpaper5
Package2 Photo3 Picture4 Random5 Theme3
Tile3 Tutorial1 clock2 color8 draw3
engine1 map1 mirror1 music1 rotate1
screen8 test2 wallpaper16


alarm4 api8 app8 application115 check3
china2 city6 class3 condition3 course10
data11 day5 design3 display7 forecast22
gps2 json4 library6 news5 open4
openweather4 openweathermap7 parse4 preference2 project9
report3 service3 station8 suggest2 sunshine35
tablet3 temperature3 time3 track4 tutorial9
udacity9 user2 wear2 widget13 yahoo5


account2 actionbar1 analog2 app5 application30
bitcoin4 button4 calendar11 circle3 clock21
collection3 common2 countdown5 custom4 dashclock5
date5 datepicker3 develop3 device4 display11
edittext5 example5 extension4 flashlight3 flow3
font3 forecast1 gallery4 gridview2 hackerspace3
homescreen4 ios3 ip3 library6 light5
lock6 material3 menu4 message1 monitor2
new2 notification3 number8 phone5 platform2
quote4 range2 refresh1 repository2 rss4
screen14 search5 seekbar2 service2 set4
show8 single2 slide4 slider2 spinner4
status4 style5 support5 switch6 task3
temperature2 text5 textview5 time6 timer2
toggle5 track5 ui5 view6 volume3
wheel4 wifi4 xkcd3