Android Open Source - Camera/take

    1. android_camera_activity
      An approach of how a third party Android application can take images using the native Camera application.
      Score:8 Activity:2 Min SDK:3 Java File:2 Manifest File:1

    2. Camera-Overlay-Android
      Overlay Image in Camera Android and take picture
      Score:8 Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    3. Camera_Example
      An example of taking pictures programmatically in Android on a timed loop.
      Score:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Java File:2 Manifest File:1

    4. CustomImageGalleryChooser
      Android program to choose image from gallery or taking picture camera.
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    5. dailySelfie
      Application to taking periodically selfie; implemented Notification, decoding image file captured from camera
      Activity:1 Min SDK:13 Java File:4 Manifest File:1

    6. CameraPic
      Camera pictures taking app
      Activity:7 Min SDK:4 Java File:12 Manifest File:1

    7. FloatCamera
      the Camera can take a picture everytime!
      Activity:1 Min SDK:9 Target SDK:19 Java File:14 Manifest File:1