Android Open Source - Map/Route

    1. TrackMap
      Android App to track the route of trip and replay it in google maps v2. You can add photos/videos/notes
      Score:4 Fragment:1 Activity:9 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:14 Java File:18 Manifest File:1

    2. MyRouteMapV2
      Created a route between current location to destination location using Android Map V2
      Score:1 Fragment:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:2 Manifest File:1

    3. PugMarks-Socionity
      Pugmarks is a tool which can be used to record Location tracks and routes on a map interactively along with Photos, Videos, Audio clippings and Messages mapped to locations. The tool is aimed to help crowdsource local resources, tracks and folklore along routes.
      Score:1 Activity:10 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:15 Java File:15 Manifest File:1

    4. AndroidMapsV2Route
      Display Route in Google Maps API v2 on Android
      Score:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:15 Target SDK:18 Java File:10 Manifest File:1

    5. GoogleMapsRoute
      app that interfaces with the Google Maps API to display a map and an overlay of the route that the user has followed. Each route can start when the app is launched.
      Activity:1 Min SDK:12 Target SDK:18 Java File:1 Manifest File:1