Android Open Source - SQLite/library

    1. LitePal
      An Android library that allows developers to use SQLite database extremely easy.
      Score:531 Activity:18 Min SDK:7 Target SDK:19 Java File:68 Manifest File:2

    2. SQLite-Simple-Android
      Android Library ? Simple to use library for SQLite in Android
      Score:57 Activity:1 Min SDK:7 Target SDK:21 Java File:19 Manifest File:1

    3. VContentProvider
      A Library for building SQLite database and Content Provider on Android.
      Score:54 Activity:4 Min SDK:8 Java File:21 Manifest File:3

    4. sqlite-fixture
      Android SQLite Fixture Library
      Score:14 Min SDK:7 Java File:19 Manifest File:1

    5. TwelveRules
      Android - a library that makes it easier and safe to work with SQLite databases
      Score:11 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:21 Manifest File:1

    6. couchdbsyncer-android
      android library for synchronising a couchdb database to a local sqlite database
      Score:9 Min SDK:4 Java File:13 Manifest File:1

    7. NoSQLiteDatabaseTest
      How to create a database in Android using ActiveAndroid library to avoid SQLite code
      Score:5 Activity:3 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:21 Java File:9 Manifest File:1

    8. SimpleStorage
      A Simple SQLite storage library for Android, with a Demo project and the Unit tests.
      Score:2 Min SDK:9 Target SDK:19 Java File:13 Manifest File:2

    9. sqlite-fixture-test
      Test Project for Android SQLite Fixture Library
      Score:1 Min SDK:7 Java File:13 Manifest File:1

    10. CryptoLock
      Repository dedicated to making a library for android that can be used for purposes such as encrypting entries before being placed into a SQLite DB
      Score:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:18 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    11. android-sqlite
      [Experimental] A small Android library that makes SQLite easier to use.
      Score:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:18 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    12. SimpleContentProvider
      A library for Android that helps you write SQLite-based content providers with less boilerplate code.
      Activity:3 Java File:14 Manifest File:3

    13. aSQLitePlus-android
      A library bring numerous handy classes and methods to help us concatenating and performing those CURD SQLs in Android SQLite.
      Min SDK:8 Java File:19 Manifest File:1